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Expanded Editions is a new independent publisher that introduces underknown Japanese fiction and other writings to the English-reading world.

Expanded Editions presents the stories, manifestos and screeds that pin the links between the media mix of the visual world today and the style- and genre-driven worlds of modern literature.

latest news

"The Man-made Baby" available in .pdf, EPUB, MOBI formats

We are happy to announce that “The Man-made Baby,” the pioneering robot story by Hirabayashi Hatsunosuke, is now available for purchase here on Gumroad in the .pdf format, as well as MOBI (commonly used on Kindle) and EPUB (commonly used on iBooks). How?: go to the Gumroad page. Click on “I want this!” You will go through a […]

Second edition of "Yellow Rose" out!

We are delighted to announce that a second edition of Yoshiya Nobuko’s lovely and pioneering short story “Yellow Rose” is out as of May 24 and available on Amazon. The translation stands as it was, but this second edition has some revisions to the translator’s introduction, including new biographical material and an updated list of […]

"Robot murder" on deck

The robot detective story by pioneering SF writer UNNO Jūza is slated for publication in Summer 2017. The translation is finished, while we work with scholars on fact-checking some intriguing details and names found in Shanghai map history and specific kinds of detective work. Stay tuned!