Robots and the people who love them

  • Sputniko!~ “Sputniko! is an artist/designer who uses design to explore technology’s impact on everyday life–and to imagine alternative futures. Her practice includes creating music and film about objects she has designed, which she posts on social networks and online video platforms to encourage discussions outside traditional art/academic spheres.” Check out the Moonwalk Machine~Selena’s Step and her Japanese-language podcasts with architect ANDO Tadao and others.
  • Yoko Ono, “Bad Dancer.” Gleeful video with many costumed cameos from New York avant-gardists like the 2 halves of Cibo Matto, Questlove and some shōdo-like wall streaks. Collect them all, but hold out for the little chindon robot plucked away at the end.
  • The 1977 Kraftwerk classic. Crank it.
  • Not quite robotic, but a remix, in the form of an instructional video, of a 1980 YMO appearance in which Don Cornelius compares the band to Einstein.

1960s graphic design

  • A magnificent exhibition (Japanese text) of posters form 1960 to 1980 organized by Musashino Art University Museum & Library. Features a handy chronology,  some critical essays on the splash that posters made, and the images of posters that accompanied five theatre troupes–Tenjō sajiki/, Jiyū gekijo/Freedom Theatre, Kuro tento/Black Tent, Waseda shōgekijo/Waseda Little Theatre, Jōkyō gekijo/Situation Theatre, and Dairakudan–as they alerted, beguiled, and announced themselves to publics in new kinds of mobile avant-garde productions, previewed by the graphics of poster design.