“The Man-made Baby” available in .pdf, EPUB, MOBI formats

We are happy to announce that “The Man-made Baby,” the pioneering robot story by Hirabayashi Hatsunosuke, is now available for purchase here on Gumroad in the .pdf format, as well as MOBI (commonly used on Kindle) and EPUB (commonly used on iBooks).


How?: go to the Gumroad page. Click on “I want this!” You will go through a payment process where your credit card is charged $3. You do NOT choose the format at this time. Gumroad will send you an email with a link and a special key–a code that applies to this sale only. You click on the button in the email that says “View product.” This sends you to a page where you select the format you want to download–.pdf, MOBI or EPUB. You can read the file from within Gumroad, or you can download it to read later on any or even ALL formats.

Why no DRM?: realistically, people read in different situations, between phones and computers, depending the whimsy that life throws at you. Having a choice of formats allow for greater flexibility across devices–moving between phone, tablet, computer, etc. So a choice of formats makes it easier to read in transit (on the bus, waiting around, etc.), and easier for students (or other keen readers) to print and hand-notate, so you can get a sense of the story’s architecture as a whole, and can prepare for class in a neat, reliable way. Files are watermarked, rather than locked with DRM, and rely on the honor system to get the creators paid. If you download the file 87 times, we may wonder how personal your use actually is–so please be honest.

Look for further titles in new formats in the near future.